Yuli Wang

Master Student
Electrical and Computer Engineerig
University of California, Santa Cruz

Email: wangyl812 (at) ucsc.edu
ResearchGate: @Yuli_Wang
Google Scholar: Yuli Wang

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Work in Progress
Performance investigations of two channel readout configurations on the cross-strip cadmium zinc telluride detector,
Yuli Wang, Shiva Abbaszadeh.
Plan to submit to IEEE Sensors, 2021 June.

Optical properties modulation: a new direction for the fast detection of ionizing radiation in PET,
Yuli Wang, Shiva Abbaszadeh. (Radiation Detection Systems, Second Edition, edited by Jan Iwanczyk and Kris Iniewski)
Book chapter writing, 2021 June.

Development and characterization of readout circuits for a two-panel head and neck dedicated PET systembased on CZT detectors,
Yuli Wang, Ryan Herbst, Shiva Abbaszadeh.
Submitted to IEEE Transaction on Radiation and Plasma Medical Sciences, Under major revision, 2021 June.

Journal Papers
Novel radiation detector concept based on ionization-induced modulation of optical polarization,
Yuli Wang, Tao Li, Shiva Abbaszadeh and Criag S Levin.
Physics in Medicine and Biology, 2021.

Automated Detection of Bregma and Lambda Locations in Rodent Skull Anatomy Images,
Peng Zhou, Zheng Liu, Hemmings Wu, Yuli Wang and Shiva Abbaszadeha.
Plos One, 2021.

Performance of optical coupling materials in scintillator detectors post temperature exposure,
Gregory Romanchek, Yuli Wang, Harsha Marupudi and Shiva Abbaszadeh.
MDPI Sensors, 2020.

Development and initial characterization of a high-resolution PET detector module with DOI,
Mohan Li, Yuli Wang and Shiva Abbaszadeh.
Biomedical Physics and Engineering Express, 2020.

Penalized maximum-likelihood reconstruction for improving limited-angle artifacts in a dedicated head and neck PET system,
Hengquan Zhang, Yuli Wang, Jinyi Qi and Shiva Abbaszadeh.
Physics in Medicine and Biology, 2020.

Two-crossed-polarizers based optical property modulation method for ionizing radiation detection for positron emission tomography,
Yuli Wang, Yingjie Li, Fei Yi, Junyu Li, Siwei Xie, Qiyu PengĀ and Jianfeng Xu.
Physics in Medicine and Biology, 2019.

Conference Papers
Electronic noise characterization of a dedicated head-and-neck cancer PET based on CZT,
Yuli Wang, Ryan Herbst and Shiva Abbaszadeh.
Journal of Nuclear Medicine (Supplement 1) , SNMMI, 2020.
Back-end readout electronic design and initial results: a head-and-neck dedicated PET system based on CZT,
Yuli Wang, Ryan Herbst and Shiva Abbaszadeh.
SPIE Medical Imaging, 2020.

Detection sensitivity of optical property-based radiation detection for PET: refraction index modulation,
Yuli Wang and Shiva Abbaszadeh.
Accepted by IEEE NSS/MIC, 2020.

Approaches to improving the detection sensitivity of optical modulation based radiation detection method for positron emission tomography,
Yuli Wang, Li Tao, Jianfeng Xu and Craig S. Levin.

Investigation of optical property modulation based ionizing radiation detection method for PET: two-crossed-polarizers based method,
Yuli Wang, Li Tao, Craig S. Levin and Jianfeng Xu.

An energy-harvesting power supply for underwater bridge scour monitoring sensors,
Yuli Wang, Yingjie Li, Longzhuang He, Pourya Shamsi and Yahong Rosa Zheng.
SPIE Smart Structures and Materials + Nondestructive Evaluation and Health Monitoring, 2018.